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Energy healing for growth-oriented people who are ready to move forward in their life


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Energy healing for growth-oriented people who are ready flow and move forward in their lives with ease



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Hi I'm ElizaBeth


I am a Healing Arts Practitioner.

I support growth-oriented people in feeling free, loved, supported, and in building the confidence needed to shine their unique light in the world.

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Personalized Offerings  

Work with ElizaBeth one-on-one

Hands-On Reiki

Nurturing and nourishing. Enjoy the power of touch in this traditional 75-minute hands-on Reiki session. Restore your energy. Connect to your breath and body. Release what is no longer serving you. All in a supportive, calming and peaceful environment

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Energy Medicine Session

This guided experience addresses energetic imbalances through employing a variety of healing arts practices. Sessions are held via Zoom, are customized to your needs and designed to support you in experiencing harmony in shining your unique light in this world. You receive a customized action plan to support your integration after our Zoom meeting.

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Interrelated Reiki

Poetic wisdom channeled for you. Experience the release and relaxation that Reiki brings from anywhere around the world. This remote session is designed to support you, bringing you to your breath and your body, even from afar. You  receive a custom handwritten letter to support your integration.

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Sue B.

I am an Energy Worker. I’ve been certified for 6 years, and I have never experienced an energy session like I had with ElizaBeth. During our session, ElizaBeth cleared multiple blocks that had an immediate impact on my life.  


Carly B.

ElizaBeth is by far the most intuitive person I've ever met, who was able to very quickly read me, give me images and messages that EXACTLY fit my situation before I gave her any context, and then guide me through the exact pathway I needed to go through in order to find the true transformation that I did.

Lisa B.

My session with ElizaBeth was very impactful!  I felt the resonance of the energy working through me.  It was truly amazing.  Some very powerful changes started taking place to help me move forward from where I have been stuck in my life. 


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What is Energy Healing?


Energy healing works through subtle energy.

Benefits can include stress reduction, clarity, physical support and ability to move forward in life. 

More about Energy Healing


Free courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills for getting started in exploring the healing arts.

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Coming Fall 2022

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