Reiki in Silicon Valley

Join ElizaBeth Alexander for Reiki classes, Reiki trainings & Reiki sessions in Silicon Valley.

ElizaBeth currently teaches at Crave Yoga in Mountain View, CA, and offers Reiki sessions and Reiki trainings in Los Altos, California. She is available for private sessions, trainings and also leads courses, workshops and facilitates groups in other restorative and mindful somatic practices, including guided meditation and movement.

Reiki is a 5-element healing system originating in Japan. The term comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal and "ki" which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is not tied to any specific or nationality and is used by millions around the globe as a way of guiding healing energy throughout the body to promote healing, restoration and wholeness. Recipients often report feeling peaceful, deeply relaxed, better sleep and improved moods after. Reiki is currently offered in over 15% of U.S. Hospitals including Yale, UCLA, and Harvard. Practitioners are trained to use the Reiki system and method for self-healing and to support others in a healthy flow of "ki."

ElizaBeth's Reiki experiences focus on the traditional elements from this Japanese energy healing method and integrate somatic practices to help ground and empower people. She draws on a successful 12+ year career in fitness (more info here), and multiple integrative healing arts certifications over the last decade.

Participants in ElizaBeth's classes and trainings often report:

  • improved sleep and better rest 
  • decreased stress
  • feeling grounded and relaxed
  • Reiki is a much need restorative break 
  • deeply appreciating the structure and facilitation ElizaBeth shares 
  • feeling more peaceful and at ease
  • improved mindset
  • increased gratitude and presence
  • Reiki provides relief from feeling burn-out 
  • feeling more connected to themselves and others
  • beneficial outcomes for their health and well-being 

Participants come to ElizaBeth for:

  • moving through burnout and stress
  • support through challenging transitions in life
  • overcoming health issues
  • help with energetic boundaries and guidance on energy hygiene
  • a trauma-informed approach
  • developing deeper connection to self and intuition

It is an honor to guide and facilitate trainings for new and seasoned practitioners on the Reiki path.

 Whether your desire for deeper self-healing, the intention to be of service to others, or simply following the curiosity and whispers of your heart has led you here, welcome. 

Reiki trainings are intimate and immersive experiences, designed to help you awaken your healer within.

With deep gratitude to my teachers and those who have led the way for me, I welcome you to the path of Reiki. - ElizaBeth

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