What happens in a Reiki Training?

Reiki training is a structured process that allows individuals to learn and develop their skills as practitioners of Reiki, an energy healing system originally from Japan.

While trainings can vary from teacher to teacher, and lineage to lineage, there are some general standardized components of the curriculum. There are 3 levels, or degrees, within the Reiki system, and ElizaBeth offers trainings, both privately and in small-groups, at all levels. Reiki trainings with ElizaBeth are intimate and immersive experiences, designed to help you awaken your healer within.

 Here's a general overview of what happens in each level of Reiki training:

1. Shoden - The Inner Teachings - Reiki Level 1 (First Degree)

  • Introduction to Reiki: The first level introduces you to the basics of Reiki, including its history, principles, and the concept of energy healing.
  • Energy Sensing: You might explore techniques to sense and feel energy flow (ki) in yourself and others.
  • Self-Healing Techniques: You learn how to perform Reiki on yourself, using hand positions to channel energy and promote relaxation and healing.
  • Attunements: This level includes the first set of attunements, during which the Reiki Master Practitioner facilitates the transfer of healing energy to you through a "Reiju" which translates to "blessing." While anyone can practice Reiki on themselves, a level I training & attunements are required to work with the Reiki system on others.
  • Basic Hand Positions for Tenohira: Tenohira is the Japanese word for palm-healing, which is a large focus in Reiki I. You'll learn the standard hand positions for Tenohira used to administer Reiki to yourself and others.

2. Okuden - The Hidden Teachings - Reiki Level 2 (Second Degree):

  • Remote Healing: In this level, you'll learn tools to strengthen knowledge and connection with Ki, including using Ki to connect to others not within physical reach. 
  • Symbols & Mantras: The Japanese words for this are Jumon and Shirushi. You learn a series symbols and mantra to help practitioners in focusing Ki and connecting with it more deeply. 
  • Meditations on Non-Duality: Introduction of the hidden teachings of the Reiki system.
  • Attunements: Level 2 includes another set of attunements that further develop your connection to the Reiki energy and expand your ability to work with it.

3. Shinpiden - The Mystery Teacheings Reiki Master Level (Third Degree):

  • Deepening of Practice: Exploration of the more esoteric aspects of the Reiki system
  • Attunements: The Master Level includes the final set of attunements
  • Master Symbol & Mantra: At this level, you receive the Master symbol & mantra, which fosters a deepened focus to the cultivation of Ki 
  • Teaching Training & Skills: The focus shifts toward preparing you to teach and attune others to Reiki. You learn how to lead workshops and training sessions, teaching Reiki courses and mentor students.


Throughout all levels of Reiki training, there is a balance between theory and practice. Training may vary based on the Reiki school or lineage, but most programs involve hands-on practice, discussions, sharing experiences, and receiving guidance from the Reiki Master Practitioner. It's also common for students to engage in self-reflection and personal growth during their training.

Remember that Reiki training is a journey, and the attunements received in each level can have profound effects on your energy, awareness, and ability to focus on and cultivate Ki. The training process helps you become a confident and skilled Reiki practitioner, allowing you to share the gift of healing with yourself and others.

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ElizaBeth Alexander is currently offering Reiki Trainings in California, in Silicon Valley, including in Mountain View and Los Altos. Come learn the power of hands-on healing for your self and others. Reiki Trainings with ElizaBeth are intimate and immersive experiences, designed to help you awaken your healer within.

It is an honor to guide and facilitate trainings for new and seasoned practitioners on the Reiki path.

 Whether your desire for deeper self-healing, the intention to be of service to others, or simply following the curiosity and whispers of your heart has led you here, welcome. 

Reiki trainings are intimate and immersive experiences, designed to help you awaken your healer within.

With deep gratitude to my teachers and those who have led the way for me, I welcome you to the path of Reiki. - ElizaBeth

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