Family Constellations and Somatic Healing with Meenadchi

Season #1

Synopsis:  Meenadchi (she/her), a somatic healing practitioner with offerings that include Family Constellations and Nonviolent Communication, shares experiences that have shaped her into the facilitator she is today. Whether it’s helping clear intergenerational trauma around money or addressing challenges in co-parenting, Meenadchi leans on the power of our bodies to provide us with rich information that guide our healing journeys. Join us to learn how attunement to body sensations is key for healing, and how Family Constellation Therapy can help heal trauma. 

Meenadchi Bio: Meenadchi is a somatic healing practitioner whose work centers, the softness of meeting our best self and deepening into our collective light, using a blend of family constellation therapy and nonviolent communication. Meenadchi supports inquisitive individuals and entrepreneurial change makers and reconnecting with the intuitive wisdom of your bodies so that we can co-create intergenerational healing by changing the way we speak to ourselves, each other, and the universe.

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5:16 “I went into theater and the arts because storytelling is a form of revolution and sharing what it is that matters to us.”

5:34  “You feel so much in your body and you develop a practice of understanding where things live in your body.”

8:41  “So a lot of times we feel an urgency or a sensation of wanting to do something, but not actually knowing what the need is coming from, not knowing what the need is. And also not thoroughly exploring our options for what, how we could engage or what the possible choices are. So for NVC, I love it for that.”

12:18 “And I think the thing that I love about the particular school of family constellation therapy that I come from and, and the other kind of healing practitioners, ancestral practitioners that I've learned from is the idea that our ancestors don't want us to carry their baggage.

They actually don't need us to heal anything on their behalf. Healing takes place when we stop trying to do other people's work and just do what is ours. And that's actually what sets the whole lineage free. It creates a ripple effect where everybody kind of gets to do what is rightfully theirs. And it puts us back into the right relationship.”

15:33 “And it was just interesting for me to be in the observation. How much easier it was to get to certain positive beliefs that I have been wanting to get to or to like, I don't know, feel freer in some of my intimate relationships, even just after having done the work for so long, just noticing how much more accessible it feels like to, to believe good things about myself, or to believe that like particular future dreams are possible”

19:39 “There are some things that are true in the world but if it’s a truth that is out of attunement with what is needing to be said or needing to be heard at that time, it causes damage and it doesn’t actually help heal anything.”

28:35 “That is actually one of the things that I have loved about my trajectory, a lot of my teachers have just been people with lived experience and who were working in community and in care spaces that mattered to them… I woudln’t credit my graduate school for teaching me something that I didn’t already know. My graduate school gave me letters after my name that allowed me to do a certain thing in the world. But my real teachers, have been some of the folks that I mentioned earlier as well as the clients that I have served.”

32:01 “The key to client work in a strange way is not caring what the client does.”

33:10 “I might say you can do less, and be slower.”


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Host: Elizabeth Alexander

Guest: Meenadchi

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