Energy Clearing with Heather McCall

Season #1

Synopsis: Heather McCall, an Alternative Health Practitioner, shares her healing arts journey and sage advice for those seeking to learn about or receive energy healing. In this episode, Heather & ElizaBeth talk about how to know when you need an energetic clearing, and what that process looks like, and what you can do for better energetic hygiene. 

Heather Bio:

Heather McCall is an alternative health practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. She comes from an array of teachings including energy work, kinesiology, muscle testing, dowsing, master Reiki techniques and more. These different modality experiences and trainings have led her to a healing approach that is both flexible and collaborative. Heather works with animals, peoples and spaces across the United States and Europe. 

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  1. 7:28 - “I’m a spiritual being that’s gifted with moving energy so once I really just held space for it then, my world took off and changed.”
  2. 13:46 - “Sound really is one of my favorite examples for bridging the physical and the subtle because it works on a subtle level but people understand sound is a vibration.”
  3. 14:41 - “Slowing down and having access to the quiet in order to figure out where the panic is in the body, that’s where I try and go to… the conversation with panic is the gateway. And for me, it’s taking the insistence off that it’s needs to be fixed.”
  4. 18:34 - “When you start to clear yourself on a regular basis, you become aware of energy being able to flow really easily.” 
  5. 25:08 - “It’s always done with a lot of love. That seems to be the thing that really allows it to happen.”
  6. 24:06 - “I really believe anyone can do energy work. You really start to see it.” 
  7. 38:22 - “You want a teacher that’s going to say, go do what you want to do, I just wouldn’t get too stuck in any one modality.”
  8.  39:12 - “Have more fun. Try and play more with this world of energy.  It’s really a playground.”
  9. 41:33 - 41:36 - Watch what you’re pulling in and get curious about that.

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Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Guest: Heather McCall

Producer: ElizaBeth Alexander 

Editor: Gage Hurley

Music: NOVVA

Artwork: Jose Gonzalez