Art and Yoga as a Practice with Jen Lo

Season #1

Jen Lo, an Artist and Yoga Teacher, shares the importance of practicing in all aspects of life–whether it’s on your yoga mat, the potter’s wheel or in other parts of life. In this episode, Jen and ElizaBeth talk about how to find your teachers, neuroscience and the subtle side of a Yoga practice. 

Jen Bio:

Jen loves to teach. From painting to yogasana, she brings her devotion and sensitivity to all she offers. She believes that every person is creative and her mission is to be a torchbearer for artists—Yoga as artistic meditation. She seeks to inspire clients by being their muse, a playful conduit that aligns with the spontaneous nature of creation. Jen is a graduate of the Bhakti Nova School, her dear teachers include Nubia Teixeira, Toni Cupal, Jennifer Lane, and Edwina Ferro. She is influenced by the work of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés and Professor Andrew Huberman.

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  1. 5:44 - “The gift of the teacher is planting the seeds.”
  2. 6:59 - “The subtle is always happening around us anyways, it’s just a different sort of paying attention for that to be felt.”
  3. 12:50 - “These classical poses, like triangle and side angle pose, those have a deep design to them, to open these channels, these meridian lines… are designed to release energy to free energy in the body”
  4. 15:35 - “There are times we are more physically feeling, and there are times we are more in that subtle realm of indescribableness, but it’s always a cycle.” 
  5. 17:15 - “Every single person has something to teach.”
  6. 18:15 - “ I think of teachers like a river or a stream. They’ll weave in and out with you. Sometimes they’ll make a comeback. Sometimes they’ll drop in real quick and that’s it.” 
  7. 20:20 - “Practice more. Spend more time, in practice. Whatever that is.”
  8. 21:05 - “To be clear, whatever you pay attention to, you are practicing… Be careful what you are paying attention to.”
  9. 23:57- “The physical act of making pottery on the wheel, centering, all of a sudden feeling connected to that divine inspiration, presence. You’re centering the clay- how beautiful is that vocabulary.”
  10. 24:18 - “ In Shibori with indigo dye you are folding, twisting, bending, wrapping. So even in the vocabulary itself there are a lot of similarities.” 
  11. 28:35 - “ So if I hear breathing can help boost my immune system, that’s exciting to me! Oh,and there’s a philosophy chapter in the yoga sutras about this particular breathing practice?! Yea, that’s important.”
  12. 34: “For me, one of my favorite parts is so I can be really really empathetic to all beginners. The beginner’s emotional states of not knowing how to do something. It informs me to be a better teacher.”

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Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Guest: Jen Lo

Producer: ElizaBeth Alexander 

Editor: Gage Hurley

Artwork: Jose Gonzalez 

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