Overcoming Skepticism and Grounding Energy Work in Faith with Jill Sonnek

Season #1

Jill Sonnek is an attorney transitioned into energy healing practitioner. In this episode, Jill shares the story of her medical crisis that spurred her to overcome her skepticism of energy work, she speaks to the importance of being who you are, and how her deep connection to scripture through her Christian faith informs the work that she does. 

Jill Bio:

Jill Sonnek is an energy healer who supports creating harmony in the body and the soul for clients from in-utero children to the elderly. An attorney by trade, and a mother of young kids, Jill began her training in the healing arts out of the need to resolve a debilitating pain no medical doctor could solve for her. Jill works as a conduit through which healing flows and grounds her practice in her faith. She is deeply trusted by clients from around the world who experience the effectiveness of her techniques, presence and prayer. 

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7:20- “Finally I am like, okay, nobody can tell me what’s wrong. Now they’re telling me it’s all in my head, that I’ve just made it all up. And so, I want to go see someone else. So I went to see a kinesiologist and we started connecting trauma, family trauma to the pain that I was physically experiencing, and that was the first time I saw any release of the symptoms.

9:03- “It’s also from an old hymn. It talks about the healing streams of grace coming from the love of God. And so, when I describe healing streams of grace I would just describe it as that love energy that is just everywhere around us that we can tap into and bring into us to heal.”

9:41- “I have found in my practice that when you call something out, when you name it, you can claim power over it, and then you can start seeing those shifts happen.” 

10:55- “When you try everything, and nothing is working, I just got to the point of such great frustration of no one being able to tell me what was wrong….and I just didn’t want to be in pain anymore. And that’s a big part of the reason that I love doing what I do, because I feel like I can help people transition from places of pain into places of healing.” 

20:17 “That meeting really prompted me to: well, I usually just do this for friends and family, but I think that I have something that I can offer to other people, and it’s something that I love to do!”

27:37 “Trust in who you are, and who you were created to be. Because we are ALL created in the image of God, and at the same time to fathom that God is so huge and big that we can all be so uniquely and beautifully different, is just psh! It just gives you so much power. Yea, God wanted one of me, and one of you, and one of each and every one of us. Just to embrace that uniqueness, and stay open and trust who you were created to be”

 29:22 “Ask the people that you love and trust around you, who you are. If you have a safe person who is going to be truthful and honest, but do it in love, I think that would be a good starting place.” 

31:30 “Get quiet and get still, and get to know who you are. Part of our busy-ness is kind of, we are running from who we are. That’s how I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s. Trying to get to the next thing, instead of being in the moment and enjoying who I was in that moment.”

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Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Guest: Jill Sonnek

Producer: ElizaBeth Alexander 

Editor: Gage Hurley

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