The Importance of Community in Moving through Fear and Trusting Your Intuition - ElizaBeth’s Story

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 ElizaBeth shares how community and relationships have been tremendously impactful in affirming her intuition, building her confidence and developing her energetic capacities. In this episode, ElizaBeth shares her story of transitioning from someone who was energy-sensitive, curious and a bit skeptical, to becoming a healing arts practitioner that openly works on both physical and subtle levels. 

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ElizaBeth has been studying the Healing Arts for over a decade, and holds over 8 certifications and apprenticeships in Reiki and Energy Medicine. She is a Reiki Master and helps growth-oriented people feel more like themselves. ElizaBeth, also known as Beth, has a successful career in physical fitness that complements her Healing Arts Practices. She has degrees from U.C. Santa Barbara, over 13 health and fitness certifications, has trained celebrities and been featured on national media. Her speciality and passion is exploring where the physical meets the subtle, bringing together her knowledge of physical anatomy and kinesiology with subtle energy practices. 

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3:57 “I want to have more conversations about our subtle body, our physical body, the way that they interact, how they affect each other, and how we can use both physical practices to create subtle changes, and use subtle energy practices to create physical changes.”

5:05 “At a young age I was always curious about, and sensitive to, subtle energy, but I didn’t really know what to do with it.”

7:29 “Why am I being taught to use this device that’s outside of me… when I don’t even know how to use this amazing device that is my body? Like, no one is teaching me that!”

18:46 “I just remember getting to Cyndi’s class that day and just being so proud of myself. I was like ‘I have made it! I have been through some challenges, I have been through some struggles, I have questioned whether this was a good decision for my career.’ I knew in my heart, I knew in my beingness that this was what I wanted to do and then my mind had a lot of questions and wasn’t always on-board. But I made it there that day.”

27:27 “These amazing practitioners who had developed their own way of doing things that really helped affirm and confirm that this energy that I was sensing and feeling was real, and there was something to it”

28:02 “Community has been integral in me stepping more into my own healing arts practice, and also in just embodying that the subtle energy is real, and it’s impactful, and it can make a difference in our physical body, and the way that our physical body works.”

29:09 “I have sat with those fears over and over and over and over and over again over the last 10+ years… and it’s something I continue to work through.”

29:25 “I’ve just come to trust myself, and trust the people around me, and trust in the energy. I’ve just experienced that it works too many times to question it more. Like, it’s not always going to work 100% of the time, and it’s not always going to work maybe the way I think it’s going to, but I do know that subtle energy work can create physical shifts and I do know that physical shifts can create subtle shifts and I just want to keep exploring and experiencing and learning about it.” 

34:49 “I felt like I was coming out of the spiritual closet. Like, I had a lot of fears about not belonging.” 

38:29 “That’s really what I would love and what I want for everyone: to be able to be yourself. I think that’s how I define healing.”

39:44 “It’s this beautiful art of saying what needs to be said to affirm or confirm the other person’s intuition. And also, really encouraging whoever is being worked on to find their own inner sense of knowing.”

42:00 “Community and relationships have been such a big part of affirming and confirming what I’ve known inside and how I’ve felt about energy. It’s helped to build my confidence and my own skillsets and to build my confidence that this is real, and it works. And yes, sometimes we may not completely understand the mechanisms of how it happens, and we may not know the results we’re going to get or how it’s going to turn out… but energy healing taps into something that is powerful and it can create shifts the same way that physical practices can.” 

43:50 “Ye, you may be walking in your own way and on your own path… but there are other people walking along side of you. And there are people who work with a tremendous amount of integrity, and there are people who are here to support you and help you build relationships so that you can be more you and you can step into the world and shine your own unique and bright light”

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