Feeling Wholeness through Shamanic Healing with Mujiba Cabugos

Season #2

In this episode, Mujiba shares all about shamanic healing, and how it is about connecting people with their wholeness. Mujiba discusses how she serves as a bridge for the otherworldly and enlists the help of spirits for advice and healing. Listen to learn about Mujiba’s lifelong journey as a practicing healer and how she uses music, drawing, and the outdoors to connect with herself spiritually.  

Mujiba Bio:

Mujiba Cabugos is a shamanic healer, homeopathic practitioner, bodyworker, educator and healing circle facilitator, with extensive education and over 35 years of private healing practice experience. Raised in the Catholic community in Santa Barbara, California, Mujiba grew accustomed to speaking with spirits through the practice of prayer. Since then, she has been profoundly influenced by experiences with teachers of a variety of spiritual traditions and local indigenous elders. She maintains a devotion to Tibetan Buddhist teachings and is a faculty member at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Additionally, Mujiba is a Registered Nurse and maintains her RN license in California to stay connected with trends in mainstream medicine. Shamanic healing is currently the primary offering of her private healing practice.

Connecting with Guest Mujiba:

Mujiba’s Website: https://www.heartwaymuse.com/ 

Mujiba’s Music: https://www.heartwaymuse.com/?page_id=15 

Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Mujiba is a faculty member: https://www.shamanism.org/ 

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7:15 - “Shamanism is about engaging, connecting with and engaging with the power of spirits to affect the healing, and healing in shamanism is making one helping one, whatever being it is, to become whole in its soul.”  

8:55 - “A person experiences healing when they experience that feeling of being connected to all parts of themselves within one's own universe of self, and then of course, within the realization that that universe of self is inherently connected to the universe at large in all its layers and dimensions.”  

15:42 - “The spirits are always turning me on my head in the way they respond to questions about life and what’s going on.  The spirit helpers have a very interesting way of teaching.  Mine seem to be pretty humorous.”

23:07 - “Shamanism is about taking from non-ordinary reality, from the spirit realms, and walking it with practical feet. Shamanism is very practical.” 

23:25 - “I like to describe shamanic practitioners as housekeepers of the soul. We remove what doesn’t belong, in a lot of different ways, and restore and bring what can enhance and beautify and make whole.” 

25:20 - “You just need to be present, be curious and be relaxed, and in a state of receptivity. That’s all that’s required of you.”

32:05 - “Shamanic practice is not necessarily something that resonates for everyone, but people do relate to the idea that they do have some kind of spirit resource that’s been helping them, or that they can appeal to… Shamanic practice hopefully serves to connect them to that. Spirits are real and they are really there for you.  If you’ve made it this far in life, you’ve had some spirit help.” 

33:33 - “The reclaiming of this particular spiritual inheritance, that we can access this through direct revelation. Through our own seeking. We don’t need a middle man, or a middle woman, to be describing for us what to believe and what to subscribe to. We can go directly to our own spirit helpers and be taught about that… is fundamentally what shamanic work is about.” 

39:58 - “These are universal, global, common elements of shamanic practice that everybody all around the world can recognize, understand and has engaged  these concepts. Once you become exposed to those basic methods and practices and concepts, you learn to recognize them throughout all the institutionalized religions, the religions traditions and any other spiritual tradition, and any other shamanic culture”

45:05 - “There is no one else that can proclaim you to be a masterful shamanic practitioner. It takes a certain degree of integrity and honesty within yourself to be able to state that…. I still to this day don’t feel 100% confident to proclaim myself that.  I’m a practitioner.”

47:55 - “Staying very present.  It’s not about being in the shamanic state of consciousness and spacing out, the whole purpose of going into the shamanic state of consciousnes, that light-altered state,  is to be more present! When you have all these aspects of your soul retrieved for yourself, you can be more present in your life. To pay attention and to navigate it well.”

53:55 - “Whatever helps you feel delight and awe and gratitude and bring a smile to your face. Do that.”

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With gratitude, Mujiba & ElizaBeth share a link to the work of JoAnne Chartrand who has been deeply impactful on both of their lives and helped to connect them: https://www.relationalconstellations.com/  


Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Guest: Mujiba Heartway

Producer: ElizaBeth Alexander 

Editor: Gage Hurley

Shownotes: Marissa Jacky

Artwork: Jose Gonzalez 

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