Bringing Awareness through Sensual Movement with Viki Brown

Season #2

Viki Brown shares her journey with sensual movement and how it helps people to feel confident, connected and healthy. She discusses how sensual movement can be relieving both physically and emotionally. In her quest to help others Feel Great Naked, Viki always starts with focusing on the breath and bringing people into deeper relationship with their senses. Listen to this episode to find out how to incorporate sensual movement practices into your life and to hear more about Viki’s thoughts on the importance of community for overall well-being.

Viki Bio: Viki Brown is a health + movement coach who empowers women to trust themselves and be fully confident in who they are. With over 15 years of experience teaching sensual movement and over 7 years as a Certified Life Coach, Viki helps women to Feel Great Naked. Her vision is to help women take better care of their bodies, by trusting themselves and letting go of self judgment, so that they show up in the world fully confident in who they are. Through coaching and embodied movement practices, Viki helps people get to know their bodies more deeply physically, mentally and emotionally… so that they can live the life of their dreams on their terms.

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9:18 - “Bringing awareness to your body, and then to therefore bring awareness out into your life is what's most important and to me that's the start of sensual movement.”

10:01 - “When we think about sensuality, we always think about it from this really broad place. And in some cases, even when I first started sensual movement, sensuality was very connected to sexuality and it was like, no, no, no! Let’s take it down to the basics. How are you connecting to your senses?”

10:52 - “I believe that every woman and every body needs to connect to their sensuality to have a more full and rich life.”

13:26 - “Taking up space. Be gentle with yourself. And can you honor where your body is?”

16:30 - “When you’ve had a really stressful week, I’ve been told it’s been really great to just take some time for me. Carve out this time to just breathe because I realize all week I haven’t been breathing.”

19:19 - “Confidence is one of those things. And especially as a shy body, we can always, we tend to slouch our shoulders, just kind of cave in. And that’s okay, but I know even having those poses of power. Even feeling the stretch of your spine or pushing your shoulders back, your chest forward, those simple things can also make you feel confident.”

24:20 -”But how can we change the messaging from your brain? Like how can we heal that and also make peace with whatever that messaging is? And how can we get to the other side so we can really tap into and listen to the messaging that we need and that’s going to take us further in life?”

27:00 - “I think it's really important to give language to whatever (emotion) it is that might be there.”

32:00 - “To go further to actually work with them I have to feel a certain way in my heart about them which feels a little interesting to say. But I have to, the things that really make me feel good about working with someone is how they talk to people, what their interactions with others are like and just the things they say.”

38:25 - “I would define healing as doing something that’s safe that helps you feel better than where you were before.”

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Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Guest: Viki Brown

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