All About Reiki with Reiki Master ElizaBeth Alexander

Season #2

Learn about the benefits of Reiki, what it is, and a brief overview of the history and how Reiki works. In this episode, ElizaBeth balances sharing research with insights from her Reiki practice over the last 8 years. Whether you are looking for support in your own healing or you’d like to help others, listen to this episode to learn all about Reiki, including what to look for in a Reiki practitioner.

ElizaBeth Bio:

ElizaBeth has been studying the Healing Arts for over a decade, and holds over 8 certifications and apprenticeships in Reiki and Energy Medicine. She is a Reiki Master and helps growth-oriented people feel more like themselves. ElizaBeth, also known as Beth, has a successful career in physical fitness that complements her Healing Arts Practices. She has degrees from U.C. Santa Barbara, over 13 health and fitness certifications, has trained celebrities and been featured on national media. Her speciality and passion is exploring where the physical meets the subtle, bringing together her knowledge of physical anatomy and kinesiology with subtle energy practices. 

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