Uniting Communities In Happiness with Tibetan Sound Healer Kalden Kho

Season #2

Kalden Kho joins us today to talk about his unique journey and perspective on life.  As a former Tibetan monk, Kalden gives u details about escaping from Tibet to the sanctuary he found in India.  Through it all, Kalden kept his Tibetan traditions with him and still lives by them today.  From Tibet to the U.S., Kalden has utilized sound work to heal and unify those around him while appreciating the comforts of Westernized society.  Kalden now resides in Santa Cruz, California where he brings the best from both of his worlds of experience and is able to share his sound work, breath work, and Tibetan astrology practices with his community.  

Kalden Bio: Originally from eastern Tibet, Kalden Kho brings a wealth of Tibetan cultural and spiritual background to his sound work, breath work and astrology offerings. He became a monk at the age of 5 and continued his monastic studies until the age of 23, when he completed a three year retreat. He subsequently escaped to India in the winter of 2000 and joined his Tibetan community in exile, under His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He moved to the U.S. 10 years ago. Journeying across the U.S, he came to meet people from all walks of life. He discovered that people more and more are seeking connection and serenity to offset the stress and isolation of modern lifestyles.

Kalden’s goal is to create a community here that will combine the best of both cultures, Tibetan and American.  To this end, he has dedicated his Sound Work, Breath Work and Tibetan Astrology offerings to introducing America to the warmth and spiritual strength of Traditional Tibetan culture while working to ensure the continued robust existence of Tibetan traditions.  He hopes you will join him in building this community and moving toward a more enlightened, balanced and harmonious path.

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22:40 - “When I traveled through this beautiful country and the states and the different parts of the country, I noticed that this is one of the most developed nations on the planet. Just in many ways, especially in the physical world. But there is something missing about this culture which is everybody has so much and so people just automatically develop a destination that is not necessarily healthy.”

23:47 - “I think loneliness is dangerous and it’s a very unpleasant place to be.”

26:10 - “Life is too short, life is extremely precious and we need to have good times and a good life so happiness depends on each other.  We know how to make each other happy and we just have to open the mind and the heart to express to each other.”

36:32 - “The truth is that life is extremely short and we will come in here with nothing materially and then we will leave with nothing.  So we have to remember that daily life so that way we can be more relaxed and calm and at peace and less attachment, less desire and less jealous, less competition.  Life isn’t permanent and you never know when you’re going.”

38:17 - “You can prepare for this and you can build a very good karma.  So you can take it with you. You come with the karmas and you leave with the karmas.”

39:25 - “Success is happiness. If you’re able to live happy and be kind, thats the meaning of life.” 

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