Enhance your Vitality with Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Emily Lou

Season #3

With a career that began in physical therapy and eventually included practices like Hellerwork and Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Emily Lou understands the importance of addressing the entire body and its interconnected systems for healing. Emily shares how Manual Osteopathic Treatments work to help people open to their body’s innate healing capacities. She explains the four foundational principles of osteopathy, and clarifies what the differences are between a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) & a manual osteopathic practitioner here in the United States, as well as what to expect from a session with her. Both fascia and fluid flow take center stage in the discussion, along with the primary respiratory mechanism, a marker of vitality and health. This episode highlights the potential for self-healing with the right support and care, offering valuable insights into exactly what osteopathic manual treatments are and what they can do for you

Emily’s Bio: Emily Lou is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who integrates physical therapy, Hellerwork, movement analysis, traditional osteopathic methods and recognition of a mind body connection into her work. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy in 1986. Since then, she has migrated to an increasingly more holistic approach to helping patients. In 2020, Emily received a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice from the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and traditional osteopathy has become the scaffolding for her healing practice. Emily's “whole person” approach is hands-on, individualized and follows a set of guiding principles that serve as an organizing force to bring the body back towards its optimal function.

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14:59 “ In a state of health, there is this inherent energy that is always there and can be felt, and it creates a predictable motion in every part of the body. So a lot of times what I am doing is trying to feel for the presence of that.

15:16 “I love the idea that we are all created perfect, and sometimes there are just blocks to the expression of that perfection. So my treatment plan is just to try and remove as many blocks as I can, and get people closer to that state.”

28:42 “I heard one time that if you dissolved everything in the body, except for the fascia, you will still be able to recognize a person.”

29:47 “ It’s very common. It might be more the norm, than the exception, that I might work somewhere else to affect the area of complaint.”

33:50 “Very commonly people will come in with back pain, and I’ll work with the diaphragm, and the guts and do some musculoskeletal work, and all of a sudden they can travel better, or they can hike better. And that to me is the ultimate: when they can improve their function and enjoy life better.”

37:40 “When we’re talking about this inherent energy, a lot of people talk about chi or prana, and I feel like it is sort of the same thing that we talk about when we say vitality. We also have this thing called the primary respiratory mechanism, and I feel it is how the vitality expresses itself in the body. You can feel it at every part of the body in a state of health, it’s predictable and should have a certain degree of motion. And I feel for that.”

40:21 “Once I can tell where that is happening and where it’s not, then a lot of my job is removing the restrictions that are blocking it.”

42:26 “I really believe in the power we hold in ourselves, so I think the best healing is when we can get to that (our self-healing capacities), so we can work on just creating joy and living from our essence. That would be the best way for me to be healing.

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