Way of Being - Solo Episode with ElizaBeth Alexander

Season #3

This episode delves into the concept of "way of being" as a crucial aspect of healing, and how to discern what practitioners to work with and what methods to try. Throughout the episode, Elizabeth encourages listeners to trust their bodies and shares some key points that have helped her on her own healing path. This episode underscores the importance of feeling settled, safe in a practitioner’s presence and connected to one’s agency for a more profound healing experience.

ElizaBeth’s Bio:

ElizaBeth (she/her) has been studying the Healing Arts for over a decade, and holds over ten certifications and apprenticeships in Reiki, Somatics and Energy Medicine. She is a Reiki Master and Integrative Somatic Practitioner, and creates spaces for people to feel free to be themselves.

ElizaBeth, also known as Beth, has a successful career in physical fitness that complements her Healing Arts Practices. She has degrees from U.C. Santa Barbara, holds more than 13 health and fitness certifications, and has been featured on national media including The Today Show and Shape. Her speciality and passion is exploring where the physical meets the subtle, bringing together her knowledge of physical anatomy and kinesiology with subtle energy and somatic practices. People report both immediate and long-lasting changes from experiences facilitated by ElizaBeth — and are made to feel welcome and at ease with both the playfulness and lightheartedness that she brings.

Connecting with ElizaBeth: 

ElizaBeth’s Website: https://www.energyhealingelizabeth.com/



ElizaBeth’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elizabethhealingarts 




 "Healing is about experiencing and connecting with our/your innate wholeness."

"When somebody has a way of being that is healing, I find that there's a resonance in my body that registers it."

"Trust your body, follow resonance… We're all here on our own paths. And learning to trust yourself, to follow your own resonance is going to guide you in efficient and effective ways."

 "I hope that you find people whose presence you feel safe enough in to open up to the possibility of change."

 "At the end of the day, we're all walking each other home. We're in this together. We really, really need each other."


Host: ElizaBeth Alexander

Producer: ElizaBeth Alexander 

Artwork: Jose Gonzalez